FAQ: How can I prepare if colleges continue online classes in the summer and fall?

May 21, 2020

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How can you prepare in case colleges continue online classes throughout the summer and fall?
You can reach out to your instructor before classes start to ask some questions.
Find out what Learning Management System they plan to use, such as Blackboard or Canvas. Once you get that information, let them know that your service providers…Interpreters or transcribers….will also need access to your course materials so they can prepare.
Ask if you will be able to work at your own pace or if there are scheduled meeting times and a structured timeline you must follow. It’s important to know which type of class it is so that you can plan ahead and make requests for accommodations through the DSS office, giving them plenty of time to schedule service providers.
Will the instructor show any videos or other media? Make sure the instructor is aware of your school’s captioned media procedure so that it can be sent off for captioning in time for class. This also applies to any other audio materials that will be shared as a part of the course. Ask your instructor to require accurate captions for videos that are submitted by your fellow students so they are fully accessible to you.
Stay in touch with your disability services office and share your experiences.
The DSS office should know the importance of having the same person or people as your service providers for a class, especially as they are hiring remote providers.
Discuss what accommodations work best for you in certain formats or classes. For example, if you are given a pre-recorded lecture, you can request an interpreted version of the video rather than relying on captioning, since watching a powerpoint while trying to read captions is much harder than watching with an interpreter.
Discuss a back-up plan with the disability office in case technology fails in order to ensure you have access to the material required for your course.
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