Calvin Kennebrew Jr.

Strategic Support Specialist

Calvin has extensive experience in vocational rehabilitation, and have focused primarily on identifying the needs of individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing and deafblind, and the impact this has on their employability, placeability, and earnings. He has assisted state vocational rehabilitation agencies and other organizations to meet the cultural and linguistic needs of deaf communities. Calvin’s philosophy as a vocational and career services provider has always been to focus upon the needs and strengths of those he serves. Also, he recognizes the impact the of disability or disruption in one’s career can have upon one’s quality of life. Calvin has focused on vocational rehabilitation practices and innovations in the improved employment outcomes of people with disabilities.

In his work, he has strengthened community partnerships and increased awareness of the potential that deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals have in the workforce, as well as, initiated a series of reforms designed to ensure equity for all. Calvin is a CODA from Michigan. Calvin is an active VR leader, holding leadership roles within The National Rehabilitation Association and Michigan Rehabilitation Association. Personally, he enjoys peer interactions and conceptualize mentoring as a matter of professional stewardship. Outside of work Calvin enjoys shopping, exploring new restaurants, traveling with his Pugs, and cycling the wonderful bike trails in Michigan.

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