Support Deaf Student Success in Fall 2020 with New Online Guides from the National Deaf Center

Publication Date: August 20, 2020

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Fall 2020 is full of uncertainty and stress for deaf students, families, and educators. To support them and help prevent academic setbacks, social isolation, and unequal access, the National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes (NDC) has introduced Deaf Success in Fall 2020: Guides for High Schools, Colleges, and Families.

Each guide features easily accessible online resources customized with key strategies, common pitfalls to avoid, and evidence-based practices to support deaf success going back to school during the COVID-19 pandemic (and beyond).

“In this time of uncertainty, it’s important to remember that we are not alone. This series of guides connects you to people, resources, and organizations that can help you get ready for the fall semester, “ says Carrie Lou Garberoglio, PhD, NDC Associate Director.

Pandemic-Informed and Deaf-Centered Strategies Address Urgent Issues

The guides were created with pandemic-related insights from NDC panels with deaf college students, deaf workers, and disability support professionals in higher education. They include tailored NDC resources, video insights from deaf community members, and online learning opportunities — with many resources translated into American Sign Language (ASL) and Spanish.

The guides are:

Deaf Success in Fall 2020: Guide for Colleges and Postsecondary Schools

No matter which direction a college, university, or postsecondary training program chooses for Fall 2020 — online, hybrid, or face-to-face — they have a legal responsibility to provide equal access to their deaf students. This guide focuses on accessible online course design, integrating remote accommodations, and considering the whole student and campus experience.

Deaf Success in Fall 2020: Guide for High Schools

Educational and transition planning for deaf secondary students requires a flexible, positive approach, now more than ever. NDC has answered many FAQs about how to find needed resources to support transition, what programs are available in different states, and how to meet legal obligations — even if students are not in the school building every day.

Deaf Success in Fall 2020: Guide for Families, Parents, and Students

Available in English, Spanish, and ASL, this guide advises families as they navigate educational decisions, plan for the future, find ways to connect with their deaf teenager, seek community support, and advocate for equal access guaranteed by law to all learning opportunities. It also emphasizes that research shows family support is vital to future achievement.

Each guide has a printable PDF. The NDC | Help Team is also available to answer additional questions or concerns. See NDC’s COVID-19 information page for tips, resources, and FAQs in response to the pandemic.

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