Sign Language Interpreters Can Earn Up to 5.4 CEUs Free Online

Publication Date: July 9, 2020

This image is from a grocery store. It appears that a woman seems to be talking in sign language with a male staff in the store. The staff looks like are wearing a hearing aid.

Sign language interpreters perform highly complex and essential services for the deaf community. Their professional development shouldn’t have to be inaccessible or costly.

The National Deaf Center (NDC) offers a complete library of online classes for sign language interpreters to earn RID CEUs and boost their knowledge — on their own timeline, at no cost.

NDC recognizes interpreters’ influence on access and opportunities for deaf people. These self-paced online courses are designed to:

  • Increase expertise in critical areas

  • Advance professional development

  • Expand impact on #DeafSuccess

Unique Learning Opportunities

Learn directly from the experiences of deaf people, with insights and strategies based on research findings and real-world examples. Courses are ideally suited for sign language interpreters and many others who support deaf people. They include:

Common Questions about NDC Online Courses

Who creates NDC courses? The full NDC team collaborates to provide their expertise, research, and video production — under the guidance of Tia Ivanko, who heads up e-learning initiatives, and with vital input from NDC’s task forces and external reviewers.

Does NDC provide proof of completion? Yes. When you successfully pass a course, you have the opportunity to receive a certificate of completion that identifies how many CEUs were earned.

Are these courses pre-approved for BEI CEUs? No. NDC serves as a CMP Sponsor for RID and approves RID CEUs only. However, BEI certified interpreters can use the certificate of completion to retrieve credit from a BEI certification entity or licensing agency.

When will I see the CEUs on my RID transcript? CEU processing usually takes 45-60 days. NDC submits CEUs monthly to RID, then RID processes all CEUs for transcript purposes. If you do not see your CEUs on your transcript after 60 days, please contact

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