What kind of accommodations can I consider for small group or one-on-one meetings when face masks are required?

Deaf students may experience difficulty accessing communication during interactions when masks are required. When discussing classroom accommodations with deaf students, work together to also identify tools and strategies for impromptu meetings such as at service counters, dorms, social interactions, and more. Some options to explore may include:

Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) Apps* such as AVA, Live Captioning, Live Transcribe, Microsoft Azure, and Otter.ai

Using text, such as a pen and paper or messaging on a cellphone, tablet or computer.

Devices such as the UbiDuo*, Pocketalker* and Counter Loop* can also be used in some informal situations.

*Note that as a federally funded program we do not endorse or recommend specific products, agencies, vendors, or other services.

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Updated on July 29, 2022

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