Collecting Student Input to Improve Student Engagement and Inclusion in the College Experience

Event Date: November 9, 2023
This is a rectangular image depicting a classroom scene. In the foreground, there are two people—a girl and a boy—sitting closely together and looking at a laptop screen, both laughing joyfully. On the right side, another girl is focused on writing something. In the background, there are blurred images of other students, suggesting a busy and active learning environment.

Regarding accommodations for deaf students, the traditional planning process goes beyond the initial request. An individualized and ongoing approach is warranted to ensure full access to programs and services. Flexibility is key, as accommodations can evolve over time due to changing circumstances.

Collecting student input is important to the overall engagement and inclusion on campus, yet many institutions are still developing effective feedback systems. In 2022, 20.7% of Disability Services Professionals reported using end-of-semester surveys, and 37.8% maintained open-door policies. Actively seeking student input is important to inclusion and equitable participation in the college experience, as well as, for the academic and personal success of deaf students.


This webinar is an opportunity to explore the significance of student input in evaluating the effectiveness of accommodations, identify opportunities to collect or improve collection processes and learn strategies for establishing effective feedback loops. Collecting student input is one strategy to strengthen student engagement and improve student engagement in all aspects of the college experience.

By the end of this session participants will be able to:

  • Discuss how student input contributes to managing effective accommodations and access on campus
  • Identify opportunities to collect or improve collection processes, and
  • Implement systems or strategies for establishing effective feedback loops and to collect student input.
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