Launch Webinar for NDC’s New Data Report

Event Date: June 23, 2022
This image has a green background. In the top center of the image, there is the text " Supporting Deaf College Students- Perspective from Disability Services Professionals". Below that there are some names " Carrie Lou Garberoglio, Jeffrey Levi Palmer, Tia-Nikki Ivanko, Lauren Kinast, and Stephanie Zito"

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION] Teal background with silhouette of white school buildings underneath the text. White text at the top reads: “Supporting Deaf College Students: Perspectives from Disability Services Professionals”. Lighter text underneath reads: “Perspectives From Disability Services Professionals” “Dark grey text underneath that reads: “Carrie Lou Garberoglio, Jeffrey Levi Palmer, Tia-Nikki Ivanko, Lauren Kinast, and Stephanie Zito”

In this session, Dr. Jeffrey Palmer will lead an overview of NDC’s latest data report which focuses on the perspectives of disability services professionals serving deaf college students.

This report summarizes findings from a national survey between 2018-2020 of disability services professionals about services that were provided to deaf college students on their campus. Findings illustrate the various approaches to campus policies and practices and reveal that disability services professionals and deaf students often have different perspectives about the experience of being a deaf student on a college campus.

Join us to learn more about key takeaways and ask questions from the co-authors, Tia Ivanko and Lauren Kinast.

Event Details:

Date and Time: Thursday, June 23 at 1:00 – 2:00 pm CT

Registration link:

Note: webinar room will be open 5 minutes prior to start time.


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Event Code of Conduct
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Event FAQ:

  • Does registration cost anything? No.
  • Who can attend the live event? All are welcome.
  • Will professional development credits be offered for this webinar? No
  • Will a recording be made available to those who could not attend? Yes, a recording will be released several weeks after the date of the original event.
  • Will interpreters or real-time captioning be provided? Yes, both are being provided. If you have additional accommodation needs please email

Additional event FAQ’s available online.


Jeffrey Palmer, PhD

Dr. Jeffrey Levi Palmer is a researcher. He is interested in not only the formative factors that result in the best language, literacy, and academic...

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