Association of College Educators – Deaf & Hard of Hearing (ACE-DHH)

Event Date: February 17, 2018
This is a rectangular image capturing the reflection of Cathedral Rock in pools of captured rainwater in the area known as Secret Slick Rock in Sedona, Arizona. The iconic Cathedral Rock formation towers majestically in the background, mirrored perfectly in the still water below. The red rock formations, serene water, and natural beauty of the location combine to create a captivating and tranquil scene.

An Analysis of Educational Attainment Gaps: The Impact of Gender, Race and Ethnicity, C.L. Garberoglio & S. Cawthorn; February 17, 2018

Presentation Summary: Deaf people complete high school at lower rates than their hearing peers. However, educational attainment disparities are more visible when also considering gender, race, and ethnicity, as demonstrated by secondary data analyses of the American Community Survey.

Recommended Resources: Deaf People and Educational Attainment in the United States: 2017State Reports: Postsecondary Achievement of Deaf People

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This is an image of Carrie Lou. The image shows her smiling at the camera. she is formally dressed in black and is wearing eyeglass.

Carrie Lou Bloom, PhD

As a deaf person who grew up in the deaf community, Dr. Carrie Lou Bloom’s professional expertise is steeped in her lived experience. A nationally-recognized...

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